Fundraising Opportunity

Use the JESUS specialty steering wheel cover as a fundraiser for your non-profit organization or a special group within your church. $99 plus tax, & shipping for the first case. Following cases are $149, plus tax & shipping. The minimum order is 60 units/3 cases.

  • Buy Bulk and Resell (bulk prices are listed)

  • OR

  • Pay $50 Fundraising Application Fee and apply for a "Fundraiser Code" for your non-profit organization:
  1. Distribute your "Fundraising Code" to your members via newsletters, e-mails, etc.
  2. Send customers to to place an order and enter the "Fundraising Code" to receive 10% of the amount ordered.
  3. Your fundraiser checks will be mailed every 10-15 days for as long as your contract is not expired.
  4. Please submit the following form to receive an invoice for a "Fundraising Code".